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Author, Trainer, Realtor, and "Guide"

Steven is the best selling author of Doors Open When You Knock: A Realtor's Handbook for Boundless Opportunity & Freedom. He trains sales professionals in what it takes to persevere over the long run, how to define and execute on your most important action, and how to turn strangers into raving fans.

While many people in this industry identify themselves and their body of work as "coaches", Steven thinks of his role as more of a "guide." In other words, real estate sales is like climbing a mountain with no top. What makes a difference: having someone there to keep you from falling off the ledge, quitting, or any other number of setbacks that come along.

A Truly Interactive, Collaborative, and Engaging Experience

Not a lot of preaching, but there is a lot of inquiry. Every program is about the leader and the participants working in tandem to create a result that has an impact. With so many entertainment and educational options, people expect to be entertained, on the other hand, the benefit of a live program is interaction.

Steven knows exactly what is required to include everyone, so that the power of the group is engaged, creating a dynamic and enriching experience for all participants.

30 Years, 125,000 Doors, 5,000 miles

Steven has over 30 years of business experience, the last 17 of which have been in real estate sales. Not theory, but actual practice. How long did it take to knock on 125,000 doors, walking approximately 5,000 miles? A long time! For almost 16 years, 150 days per year, developing the fortitude and practice of doing something that no one ever wants to do. The message is that most of what we all want is behind things we often don't want to do. How do you orient yourself in a way that has you simply jump into action?

Just as importantly, what does it look like to develop relationships from nothing? What type of communication skills, emotional intellgience, and self-awareness are required to create deep relationships from nothing but a knock on a door?

Impactful Programs That Make A Difference

In all of his programs, Steven drives at what's underneath the surface so that participants can see something that they couldn't see before. The result is that they have access to something newly that allows them to leave the program and put what they got immediately into action. No getting ready to get ready. Simply be and do. Whether it's a live event or virtual learning experience, Steven's commitment to deliver a program that makes a difference has people bring him back for more.

Steven "got into real estate" to actually work less, so that he could be home and raise his family. Originally from Southern California, Steven moved his family to Colorado in 2008, where he still resides today.

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