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Praise For
 Doors Open When You Knock

"It is a masterpiece!  I started it and couldn’t put it down – read it cover to cover. This book is so much more than knocking on doors.  It is filled with solid advice on how to build a successful career and life."

— LARRY KENDALL, Author of Ninja Selling, Co-Founder & Chairman Emeritus of The Group Inc.

"Every real estate agent who wants to create a thriving business that outlasts fads, shortcuts, and technologies needs to read this book.  It contains the wisdom and information to be a timeless classic in the real estate industry." 

— DR. IVAN MISNER, Founder of BNI and NY Times Bestselling Author

"As I say, persistence is one of the most important qualities of high achievers.  Success takes time. Doors Open When You Knock highlights many of the principles I have taught for years, applied in the world of real estate sales."

— JACK CANFIELD, Best selling author of The Success Principles and co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series


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Use this book to help you STOP doing the following:
  • NO MORE being on-call 24/7
  • STOP being upset about your progress / lack of progress
  • LET GO of being overwhelmed
  • STOP worrying about things outside of your control
  • STOP being stressed about where your next commission check is coming from
Doors Open When You Knock will help you
  • Be clear about WHY you got into this business (be fulfilled every day)
  • Set your vision and goals for what really matters to YOU - regardless of what "everyone else" is doing
  • ​Define your Most-Important-Action, leaving you with guilt-free time every day
  • Disappear overwhelm, leaving your mind clear and at peace
  • Be confident that what you are doing every day produces a business that leaves you empowered - financially and emotionally

What Others Are Saying About Doors Open When You Knock

Doors Open When You Knock provides a straight-forward, simple framework to achieving personal success and fulfillment in our often volatile real estate industry. If you’re looking to get off the hamster wheel, then you will LOVE Steven’s refreshing approach to shifting your mindset, and the tools he offers to create a sustainable, consistent business that will last!

— Farrah Brittany

A must-read for agents committed to mastering the art of prospecting. As a former door-knocker myself, I can attest to the wisdom Steven imparts in this book. Use it and prosper.

— David Goldsmith

I really enjoyed reading your book, and the best message for me right now was consistency and perseverance around my most important ONE Thing…every day.

R. O. Walton III (Scout)
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